Ontario NDP, Liberals, and Tories are proposing ODSP rates that are well under the poverty line, and less than those under Mike Harris. There is still time to fix this.

Proposed ODSP Rates by Party, Single Individual, for July 1, 2022. Greens: $2338 NDP: $1403 Liberals: $1286 PC: $1227 For comparison: Toronto Poverty Line: $2223 Inflation-Adjusted Rate Under Mike Harris, 1st day in Office: $1638 Inflation-Adjusted Rate Under Mike Harris, Last day in Office: $1433. Author’s Calculation
Source: Resetting Social Assistance Reform. You should read the entire report. It’s good!
Headline ODSP rates by party. Author’s calculation. “inf adj” is “inflation adjustment amount”. It is not currently known the method that the NDP and PCs will use to calculate inflation, or if the Greens will adjust their rates for inflation.
MBM by Ontario community
Source: ODSP Action Coalition.

The NDP, Liberals, and Tories are proposing that ODSP rates be set lower than at any point in the Premiership of Mike Harris, adjusted for inflation.

That is unacceptable. It’s unacceptable any time, but it is particularly unacceptable when the Canadian Human Rights Commission has to send out a press release warning that people with disabilities are being forced to choose Medical Assistance in Dying due to a lack of support.



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Mike Moffatt

Mike Moffatt


Senior Director, Smart Prosperity. Assistant Prof, Ivey Business School. Exhausted but happy Dad of 2 wonderful kids with autism. I used to do other stuff.