Mar. 27 Update: Doubling down on doubling funding. Where $600M might come from.

  1. Are these two separate contracts? Is this an additional $750,000 on top of the $700,000 that was announced in February?
  2. If this isn’t two separate contracts, then when was this contract signed and how much was it for? $700,000 or $750,000?

Speculating on the government’s $600 million plan

We shouldn’t have to speculate on what the government has in mind — they should release a detailed plan with a full costing that we can analyze. But they have consistently left parents, service providers, the media in the dark. So all we can do is guess.

What the government is likely NOT doing

The hope is, of course, that the government is adding $300 million in “new” money to the program. Given the government’s other priorities (like reducing the deficit), this strikes me as incredibly unlikely. I don’t even think it would be that useful. The problem with the government’s OAP reforms is how wasteful it is. Doing nothing but increasing the budget would simply be forcing more water down a leaky pipe.

My guess on what the government IS doing

I believe they plan on consolidating a bunch of existing programs into a new “super” OAP. This would include the existing OAP, the “autism” portion of Special Services at Home (SSAH), who knows what else. I’m sure with a bit of brainstorming we could come up with a list.

  1. It explains where the money is coming from — most, if not all of it, would not be “new” money, but rather existing spending under a new name.
  2. It explains what the government has in mind for SSAH.

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Mike Moffatt

Mike Moffatt

Senior Director, Smart Prosperity. Assistant Prof, Ivey Business School. Exhausted but happy Dad of 2 wonderful kids with autism. I used to do other stuff.