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  • Laura Dawson

    Laura Dawson

    Policy, Borders, Technology

  • Madelaine Drohan

    Madelaine Drohan

    Canada correspondent for The Economist. Views my own.

  • Sumeet Gulati

    Sumeet Gulati

    Environmental economist, occasional blogger, and faculty at the University of British Columbia.

  • Cameron MacLeod

    Cameron MacLeod

    Politics, airplane, transit, curling, space geek. Evidence, science, cats, transit, queer rights advocate. I learn the facts and think for myself.

  • Ivor Tossell

    Ivor Tossell

    Freelance journalist, Globe and Mail columnist. Lowbrow Upper Canadian.

  • Samuel Danthine

    Samuel Danthine

    Economist by profession, I am a news buff, avid reader, wine lover and amateur cook, when my kids leave me some time for that. ¡Retweeting ≠ agreeing!

  • Steve Maich

    Steve Maich

    Head of Rogers Publishing.

  • Susan Delacourt

    Susan Delacourt

    Senior political writer for the Toronto Star, author, Shopping for Votes

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