Fourteenth in (what I hope) will be a series on population growth, migration, and what’s going on with Ontario’s housing market. Previous piece: Ontarians on the Move, 2021 Edition. #13 — Where are Ontario’s International Students Living?

TL;DR version: Ontario’s official plan seeks to grow the City of Toronto’s population by 700,000 between now and 2051. This plan also implicitly calls for 1–1.5 million residents, on net, to leave the City and move to other parts of the province. This is a plan for sprawl and the eventual paving over of the Greenbelt.

Toronto’s planning to add 700,000 new residents…

Mike Moffatt

Senior Director, Smart Prosperity. Assistant Prof, Ivey Business School. Exhausted but happy Dad of 2 wonderful kids with autism. I used to do other stuff.

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